Nile Cruise Packages

2024 / 2025

Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise Packages

Egypt Best Vacations delivers a great range of Nile cruise packages and itineraries between Luxor and Aswan or between Cairo and Aswan. Experience the epitome of luxury and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Egypt with our exclusive Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise packages. Indulge in an enchanting journey along the majestic Nile River, where you will discover iconic landmarks and ancient wonders that have fascinated discerning travelers for generations.

Our meticulously curated Nile cruise packages offer an unparalleled blend of opulence and adventure, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Egypt’s most captivating destinations. Here’s a glimpse of the extraordinary experiences that await you:

Captivating Excursions:

Embark on an extraordinary series of meticulously crafted excursions, guided by our erudite tour guide experts. Unveil the majesty of Luxor as you traverse the fabled Karnak Temple and venture into the legendary Valley of the Kings, where ancient pharaohs found eternal rest. Immerse yourself in the allure of Aswan as you explore the mesmerizing Philae Temple, an architectural marvel dedicated to the goddess Isis, and witness the awe-inspiring temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu.

Unforgettable Moments:

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of unforgettable moments that reveal the rich tapestry of Egyptian history and culture. Allow the enchanting melodies of traditional Nubian music to transport your soul, and savor the tantalizing flavors of authentic Egyptian cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds, creating indelible memories of this ancient land.

Breathtaking Landscapes:

Unwind and surrender to the mesmerizing allure of the Nile River as you sail through breathtaking landscapes. Marvel at the golden hues of the desert that stretch as far as the eye can see, delight in the verdant greenery adorning the riverbanks, and allow the timeless beauty to envelop your senses, evoking the spirit of ancient civilizations.

Impeccable Service:

Experience the epitome of personalized service as our dedicated staff attends to your every need, ensuring that your journey exceeds all expectations. From the attentive and gracious onboard personnel to our erudite tour guides who will regale you with captivating tales, every aspect of your voyage is meticulously curated to provide an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Indulge your senses, ignite your spirit of adventure, and embark on a voyage of a lifetime with our exclusive Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise packages. Whether you seek a captivating exploration of history, a cultural immersion of unparalleled depth, or a serene retreat from the ordinary, our packages offer an extraordinary gateway to the wonders of Egypt. Book your Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise packages today and unlock the treasures of this ancient land in unrivaled luxury and style.

Nile cruise packages categories:

Experience the epitome of luxury as you embark on a remarkable Nile cruise adventure in Egypt. Discover a range of exclusive categories designed to cater to your discerning tastes and desires. Elevate your journey with our carefully curated selection of 5-star standard, 5-star deluxe, 5-star luxury, and 5-star ultra luxury Nile cruise ships.

  • 5-Star Standard Nile Cruise Ships: Immerse yourself in a comfortable and enjoyable experience, where quality service and amenities meet your expectations.
  • 5-Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ships: Elevate your cruise to a higher level of luxury with our 5-star deluxe vessels.
  • 5-Star Luxury Nile Cruise Ships: Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury aboard our 5-star luxury Nile cruise ships.
  • 5-Star Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Ships: Prepare for an unparalleled voyage of opulence and sophistication aboard our 5-star ultra luxury Nile cruise ships.

Choose the category that best reflects your desire for luxury and embark on a marketing-oriented Nile cruise experience like no other. Create timeless memories as you immerse yourself in unrivaled comfort, exquisite cuisine, and impeccable service. Book your journey today and indulge in the ultimate luxury along the legendary Nile River in Egypt.

Nile cruise packages departures:

Embark on an extraordinary Nile cruise adventure, starting from the magnificent cities of Luxor or Aswan. Choose the departure day that fits your schedule perfectly, and prepare for an unparalleled experience along the legendary Nile River. Here are the available departure days for each starting point:

Luxor Departures:

  • Saturdays: Begin your remarkable journey from Luxor on a Saturday, immersing yourself in the wonders of ancient Egypt while enjoying a weekend getaway filled with luxury and exploration.
  • Mondays: Set sail from Luxor on a Monday, kickstarting your week with a captivating Nile cruise experience that will leave you rejuvenated and inspired.
  • Thursdays: Choose a Thursday departure from Luxor, adding a touch of excitement to your mid-week routine as you embark on a Nile adventure like no other.

Aswan Departures:

  • Fridays: Start your weekend in style with a Friday departure from Aswan, where you’ll embark on a journey filled with beauty, history, and splendid moments along the picturesque Nile River.
  • Mondays: Begin your week with a sense of awe and wonder by setting sail from Aswan on a Monday, immersing yourself in the timeless allure of Egypt’s most iconic waterway.
  • Wednesdays: Escape the mid-week monotony with a Wednesday departure from Aswan, allowing yourself to unwind and discover the magic of the Nile while indulging in luxurious comforts.

Select your preferred departure day from Luxor or Aswan, and prepare to be enchanted by the treasures that await you on this marketing-oriented Nile cruise. With breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring historical sites, and impeccable service, your journey along the Nile will be an unforgettable experience of luxury and discovery. Book your preferred departure day today and embark on a voyage that will exceed your wildest expectations.