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Qena & Things to Do in Qena
Exploring Qena: A Hidden Gem in Egypt Qena is a city brimming with history and culture. Often overlooked by tourists, Qena offers a unique glimpse into Egypt’s rich past and vibrant present. From ancient temples to bustling markets, this city has a wealth of attractions waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re on a day tour from Luxor or part of an extended Egypt tour by land, Qena promises a memorable...
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Wildlife Along the Nile's Banks
Wildlife Along the Nile’s Banks  The Nile River, famously known as the longest river in the world, offers more than just historical significance. It is a cradle of life, providing sustenance to a myriad of species that have adapted to life along its banks. The river’s ecosystem hosts an incredible biodiversity, from the smallest of insects to the grandest of mammals. Each playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance...
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History of the Nile's Riverbanks
History of the Nile’s Riverbanks  The Nile River is not only the longest river in the world, but also a cradle of civilization that has shaped the destinies of societies since ancient times. Its banks have witnessed the rise and fall of empires. Served as the birthplace for remarkable cultures, and inspired countless works of art, including the famous folk ballad ‘Banks of the Nile’. In this article, we will...
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Things to Do in Abydos
Best Things to Do in Abydos Abydos, Egyptian Abdju, Coptic Ebot, modern Al-ʿArābā al-Madfūnah, prominent sacred city and one of the most important archaeological sites of ancient Egypt. The site, located in the low desert west of the Nile River near Al-Balyanā. It was a necropolis for the earliest Egyptian royalty and later a pilgrimage center for the worship of Osiris. About 11 km (6 miles) west of the Nile...
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Queens' Pyramids in Giza
Great Pyramid Complex: The Queens’ Pyramids  While the three complexes were under construction and for centuries afterward, Egyptian kings built their monuments elsewhere. They systematically added hundreds of tombs, including queens’ pyramids, to cemeteries surrounding the main pyramids. These tombs served as eternal resting places for the royal family and bureaucratic elite. The cemeteries are divided into fields: East, West, Central, South, and Cemetery GIS. Khufu’s Queens Pyramids: Initially focusing...
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