Abydos, located in Upper Egypt, is an ancient archaeological site that holds significant historical and religious importance. Renowned for its grand temples dedicated to Egyptian deities, particularly Osiris, the god of the afterlife, Abydos is considered a sacred pilgrimage site. The Temple of Seti I, with its intricately carved reliefs and the mysterious Osireion, adds an aura of mystique to this ancient city. Abydos stands as a testament to the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of ancient Egypt, drawing visitors into the depths of its millennia-old history.

Things to Do in Abydos
Best Things to Do in Abydos Abydos, Egyptian Abdju, Coptic Ebot, modern Al-ʿArābā al-Madfūnah, prominent sacred city and one of the most important archaeological sites of ancient Egypt. The site, located in the low desert west of the Nile River near Al-Balyanā. It was a necropolis for the earliest Egyptian royalty and later a pilgrimage...
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Sohag is one of the governorates of Upper Egypt which has a deep-rooted history and heritage which extends to the ancient ages, where Abydos, now located in Markaz Belina, was the capital of Egypt all through the eras of the first four Pharaonic Dynasties. Also, the ancient city of This (Thinis) or El-Tina, the village...
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Seti I is one of the lesser-known pharaohs of the New Kingdom Period, however, his temple at Abydos is amongst the most famous, cited by many as the most impressive religious structure still standing in Egypt. Seti I’s place in history was overshadowed by that of his son, Ramesses II, arguably one of the greatest...
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Pharaoh Seti I
At the end of the 18th Dynasty, Egypt was not in a good state, due to the misgovernment of succession of weak pharaohs. The governments were corrupted, and Egypt’s eastern frontiers were in constant danger of invasion. Finally, Horemheb succeeded the corrupt Old King Ay, and proclaiming himself King of Upper and Lower Egypt, proceeded...
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Luxor Highlights In 3 Days
Abydos is the Greek name of the ancient Egyptian name (Abdju). Abdju was the great necropolis of Thini. Thini, the capital city of the 16th nome of Upper Egypt, held a great position during the Predynastic period. Mena, from Thini, united Upper and Lower Egypt in one kingdom in about 3200 BC and founded the...
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