7 Day Egypt Tours From UK

2024 / 2025

Unveiling the Majesty: 7-Day Egypt Tours From UK

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the cradle of civilization with our meticulously crafted 7 Day Egypt Tours From UK. This immersive journey unveils the wonders of ancient Egypt, from the iconic pyramids to the captivating temples, all while offering a taste of modern Egyptian life.

Your exploration begins in Cairo, the vibrant capital. Witness the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, marvel at the enigmatic Sphinx, and delve into the treasures of the Egyptian Museum. Alexandria, with its rich Greco-Roman heritage, beckons with its historic sites and charming atmosphere.

As you journey south, Luxor, the “City of Palaces,” unfolds its magic. Explore the magnificent Karnak Temple Complex, the imposing Valley of the Kings, and the majestic Temple of Hatshepsut. In Aswan, discover the serenity of the Nile River with its captivating Philae Temple and the enchanting beauty of the Nubian villages.

Experience the magic of the Nile River with a selection of cruise options to suit your preference. Opt for a large Nile cruise, offering spacious cabins, fine dining, and onboard entertainment. For a more intimate experience, choose a traditional Dahabiya cruise, a smaller boat with a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to connect with the landscape at a deeper level. For the truly adventurous, a Felucca cruise provides a unique opportunity to sail the Nile on a traditional Egyptian sailboat, enjoying the serenity of the river under the open sky.

Best 7-day Egypt tours from UK:

After your historical immersion, unwind in paradise. Choose between the vibrant resort town of Hurghada, known for its stunning beaches and water sports, or the luxurious haven of Sharm El-Sheikh, nestled amidst dramatic mountains and offering world-class diving experiences.

For a thrilling escapade, embark on a desert safari into the captivating White Desert. Witness the otherworldly beauty of its stark white rock formations, sculpted by wind and time. Alternatively, venture into the Siwa Oasis, a hidden gem nestled amidst the sand dunes. Explore its ancient temples, lush palm groves, and unique culture.

Our 7 Day Egypt Tours From UK are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and unforgettable experience. From the awe-inspiring wonders of ancient Egypt to the captivating beauty of the Nile and the Red Sea, this journey promises to leave an indelible mark on your memory. Contact us today to craft your perfect Egyptian adventure!

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