Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 7 Days

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7 Days / 6 Nights
Availability : Every Day
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 12
Tour Details

Best Egypt Solo Budget Tour with Nile Cruise in  7 days

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to an immersive exploration of Egypt’s treasures! Get ready for an extraordinary journey on our 7-day Egypt Solo Budget Tour with Nile cruise. Carefully designed to unveil the captivating allure of this ancient realm. From the lively streets of Cairo to the serene waters of the Nile, our itinerary invites you to uncover the layers of Egypt’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

Begin your Egypt 7-day solo budget tour with Nile cruise in Cairo. Explore the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the enigmatic Sphinx in Cairo, marveling at their enduring mystery. Wander through the vast Egyptian Museum, home to countless artifacts whispering tales of pharaohs and gods.

Board your sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan to begin your 3-night solo Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor. Traverse the tranquil waters, passing by ancient temples, and immerse yourself in the timeless landscapes that unfold along the riverbanks. Visit the beautiful Temple of Philae and the twin Temple of Kom Ombo.

Delve into the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs slumber in their golden tombs, guarded by towering cliffs. Unravel the secrets of Karnak Temple, the largest religious complex ever built, its towering pylons and hieroglyph-covered walls standing as testaments to ancient devotion. Take your sleeper train from Luxor back to Cairo for the rest of your one-week solo budget itinerary in Egypt.

This solo budget-friendly tour is not merely a historical expedition. It’s an opportunity to soak in the local culture, relish delectable cuisine, and create lasting memories. Pack your curiosity and join us on this seven-day escapade, where the magic of Egypt awaits at every turn. Let the adventure unfold!

Price Includes

  • Meet & assist service upon arrival and departure
  • All transfers as per the itinerary by air-conditioned vehicles
  • Single basis accommodation at a 3-star hotel in Cairo on a Bed and Breakfast basis
  • Single basis accommodation on a 5-star standard Nile cruise ship on a full-board basis for 03 nights
  • Hotel picks up and drops off
  • Entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan
  • Sleeper train from Luxor to Cairo
  • Licensed Egyptologists tour guides
  • All service charges and local taxes

Price Excludes

  • International flights
  • Arrival visa
  • Gratuities
  • Meals and drinks when not included
  • Any optional tour
  • Travel insurance
Highlights of this Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 7 Days
  • Visiting the only ancient wonder still standing, the Great Pyramid of Khufu when you visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the giant Sphinx
  • The fabulous contents of the impressive Egyptian Museum
  • Ponder over the ancient Egyptian afterlife and underworld at the magnificent tombs of the Valley of the Kings
  • Sailing the peaceful Nile River from Aswan to Luxor on a 5-star cruise ship for three nights
  • The largest temple in the world, Karnak Temple in Luxor
  • The beautiful Temple of Philae in Aswan, the Pearl of Egypt
Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 7 Days

Day 1 Arrival in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo shimmers in the desert haze, beckoning you into its ancient arms. Forget airport hassles, our Egypt Best Vacations representative will be your welcoming oasis. Skip the lines, grab your bags, and leave the logistics to us. We will whisk you to your hotel, where your 7-day Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise sets sail… not literally yet, but close enough!

So buckle up, solo adventurer! Your Egyptian escapade is about to begin.

Day 2Giza Great Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara

Your 7-day budget whirlwind through Egypt kicks off with a professional Egypt Best Vacations tour guide tapping on your hotel door. Buckle up, adventurer, because today we paint the town orange… with sand!

First stop: the Giza Plateau, where the Great Pyramids pierce the sky like defiant guardians. Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, their names echo through time, whispering tales of pharaohs and their eternal slumber. Your guide will crack the code of these megaliths – unraveling how they were built, why they rise, and what secrets they hold close.

Next, we journey to Saqqara, where history’s first pyramid, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, takes center stage. This ancient giant, a whisper of the future, marks the dawn of pyramid construction. Imagine the echoes of chisels on stone, the sweat and toil of a civilization reaching for the heavens.

Head to Giza Railway to board your sleeper train rolling towards Aswan. Get ready, because tomorrow, the Nile River ushers in a whole new chapter in your Egyptian adventure – a 3-night Nile cruise! Your budget-friendly Egyptian escapade is about to set sail!

Day 3Aswan Tour - Nile River cruise

Your 7-day Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise adventure takes a magnificent turn as you board your Nile River cruise ship in Aswan, a sun-drenched city cradled by desert sands. Get ready for four dazzling days of ancient wonders, sun-kissed decks, and the rhythm of the Nile weaving its magic around you.

Your Egypt Best Vacations guide greets you at the Aswan Railway Station, ready to unlock the treasures of this timeless city. Stand in awe of this engineering marvel, Aswan High Dam, a towering testament to human ingenuity. Gaze at the vast reservoir, imagining the floods it holds at bay, and learn how its hydroelectricity powers Egypt’s modern life.

Sail to the enchanting island of Agilkia, where Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, emerges from the Nile’s embrace. Explore its colonnades and sanctuaries, bathed in the golden hues of sunset, and feel the whispers of ancient rituals dance in the air. Witness a silent giant, Unfinished Obelisk in the granite quarries. Imagine the colossal effort behind its creation and marvel at the sheer scale of ancient ambition.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows on the rippling water, board your comfortable Nile cruise ship. Settle into your cabin, and prepare for an evening of discovery.

Optional tour: Nubian Village tour

Day 4Aswan - Kom Ombo Temple

Your Nile cruise awakens to the whisper of desert winds and the gentle lap of the river. Today, the menu offers two tantalizing choices for your morning.

1- Rise with the Pharaohs: Embrace the optional dawn tour to the phenomenal temples of Abu Simbel. Carved into golden sandstone cliffs, these colossal monuments rise like silent sentinels, guarding the memory of Ramses II. Witness the sun’s rays bathe the temple’s façade in a divine glow, and immerse yourself in the epic stories etched on its walls.

2- Freewheeling in Aswan: If an independent spirit calls, spend your morning exploring Aswan’s vibrant markets, sipping chai in a riverside café, or delving into the Nubian Museum’s rich tapestry of culture.

As midday paints the sky with ochre hues, set sail for the charming town of Kom Ombo. Here, a unique architectural marvel awaits: the twin Temple of Horus and Sobek. Dedicated to the falcon-headed god of the sky and the crocodile god of the Nile, this temple boasts mirrored layouts and intricate carvings, offering a glimpse into ancient Egyptian duality.

Unravel the fascinating story of Sobek at the nearby Crocodile Museum, where mummified reptiles and artifacts whisper tales of a time when these predators were revered as protectors and deities.

As the sun dips below the horizon, board your Nile cruise ship once more, setting sail for the ancient city of Edfu. Tonight, the rhythmic lull of the Nile and the promise of tomorrow’s grand temple of Horus lull you to sleep.

Day 5Edfu - Esna - Luxor

The morning sun paints the Nile in golden hues as your cruise ship docks in Edfu. Today, an unforgettable encounter awaits: the most intact temple in Egypt, the majestic Temple of Horus.

Before/after breakfast, climb aboard a traditional horse-drawn carriage for a picturesque trip to the temple. Stepping through the pylon gateway is like stepping back in time. Towering walls decorated with intricate reliefs and hieroglyphs immerse you in the ancient world. Imagine priests chanting hymns, pharaohs making offerings, and the echo of centuries whispering from the stone.

Return to your cruise ship to set sail to Luxor via the Lock of Esna. As Luxor rises from the Nile’s embrace, prepare to be swept away by its ancient magic. Today, you stand face-to-face with two colossal testaments to Egypt’s enduring faith: the impressive Karnak Temple and the majestic Luxor Temple.

As the sun begins its descent, casting long shadows on the ancient stones, return to your Nile cruise ship. Savor the memories of today’s epic encounters, knowing that tomorrow, Luxor’s wonders await you yet again.

Day 6Luxor West Bank - Train back to Cairo

Your Nile River adventure draws to a close, but Luxor still has hidden treasures to reveal. Prepare for a day of epic encounters with history. Descend into the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs slumber in their golden tombs, guarded by towering cliffs. Your expert guide will navigate this labyrinthine necropolis, recommending the three tombs your imagination will find most ablaze. Imagine the footsteps of ancient priests echoing on the walls, the glint of gold illuminating hidden chambers, and the whispers of ancient stories carried on the desert breeze.

Ascend the ramparts to the Temple of Hatshepsut, the audacious tribute this female pharaoh built to her own legacy. Stand in awe of its soaring terraces, carved into the cliff face, and learn the remarkable story of a queen who defied tradition to rule Egypt for two decades.

Conclude your tour with a photo stop at the Colossi of Memnon, colossal stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Feel the weight of centuries as you gaze into their weathered faces, weathered by time but still holding the gaze of eternity. These silent giants, once guardians of a grand temple, have witnessed the rise and fall of empires, and their stoic presence serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of ancient Egypt.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows on the ancient sands, board your sleeper train back to Cairo. Remember, this isn’t an ending, but a continuation. You carry the magic of Egypt within you, a treasure chest of memories and whispers of ancient wonders.

Optional tour: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon over Luxor

Day 7End of your Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise in 7 days

Your whirlwind budget Egyptian adventure culminates in Cairo, where history breathes in every alleyway and whispers in every artifact. Delve into the Egyptian Museum, a treasure trove overflowing with the whispers of ancient Egypt. Wander through halls brimming with sarcophagi, and trace the evolution of a civilization through hundreds of objects spanning millennia. Let your imagination dance with mummies, decipher hieroglyphs with your guide, and feel the thrill of history coming alive.

Soar above the city from the ramparts of Saladin Citadel, a fortress built by the legendary Saladin to shield Cairo from Crusader swords. Step into the opulent White Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha, its alabaster walls glittering in the sun, and imagine the whispers of Ottoman grandeur echoing through its halls.

Get lost in the vibrant chaos of Khan el Khalili, the largest bazaar in the Middle East. Barter for spices under the watchful gaze of Mamluk arches, lose yourself in a maze of textiles and trinkets, and let the intoxicating blend of sights, sounds, and smells carry you away. Savor this final taste of Egypt’s irresistible charm, knowing you’ll leave with not just souvenirs, but stories etched in your memory.

As your tour culminates in a smooth transfer back to Cairo Airport, your suitcase isn’t just filled with souvenirs, but with experiences that shimmer like desert gold. Don’t be surprised if the farewell feels bittersweet, for Egypt has a way of weaving its magic into your soul. But remember, this isn’t goodbye, it’s “until next time.” Ask your guides about your next solo budget adventure in Egypt, because the call of the Nile whispers, promising journeys yet to be discovered.