Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 12 Days

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12 Days / 11 Nights
Availability : Every Day
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 12
Tour Details

Unveiling Egypt’s Timeless Allure: Egypt Solo Budget Tour with Nile cruise in 12 days

Welcome to an enchanting voyage through Egypt’s timeless wonders and contemporary marvels! Embark on an immersive Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise in 12 days. Delve into the historical riches of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and the coastal paradise of Hurghada. Step into the sands of time on an unforgettable solo adventure through Egypt, where ancient pharaohs whisper secrets from crumbling temples. The Nile River cradles millennia of history, and vibrant coral reefs beckon beneath turquoise waters. 

Begin your 12-day Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise in Cairo. Witness the iconic Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, towering testaments to ancient ingenuity. Decipher hieroglyphic stories within the Egyptian Museum. Lose yourself in the vibrant tapestry of scents and colors at the Khan al-Khalili bazaar

Board your sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan to begin your 3-night solo Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor. Prepare for an extraordinary cruise downstream from Aswan to Luxor, navigating past ancient temples and picturesque landscapes. Be captivated by the Temple of Philae and witness the timeless allure of Kom Ombo and Edfu.

Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum, awaits your exploration. Delve into the sprawling Karnak Temple Complex, a labyrinthine city of pharaohs, obelisks, and sphinxes. Descend into the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs slumber in their golden tombs. Wander through the awe-inspiring Luxor Temple, a testament to the enduring power of the sun god Amun.

From the historical treasures of Luxor, journey to the coastal haven of Hurghada. Here, relish moments of relaxation on pristine beaches, plunge into the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, and explore the vibrant marine life beneath.

As your adventure approaches its conclusion, return to Cairo for a final exploration of its lively atmosphere and perhaps some souvenir hunting. Conclude your epic journey with a flight home, carrying with you a wealth of memories and the echoes of Egypt’s profound history.

Join us on this economical expedition, where each day unveils a new chapter in Egypt’s narrative. Every moment becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your personal travel saga. Prepare to uncover the allure of the Nile, the mystique of ancient wonders, and the genuine warmth of Egyptian hospitality on this 12-day solo escapade. With comfortable accommodation, reliable transportation, and insightful guided tours, you’ll have everything you need to navigate this unforgettable adventure.

Price Includes

  • Meet & assist service upon arrival and departure
  • All transfers as per the itinerary by air-conditioned vehicles
  • Single basis accommodation at a 3-star hotel in Cairo on a Bed and Breakfast basis
  • Single basis accommodation on a 5-star standard Nile cruise ship on a full-board basis for 03 nights
  • Single basis accommodation at a 3-star hotel in Hurghada on a bed and breakfast basis
  • Hotel picks up and drops off. Entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan
  • Transfer from Luxor to Hurghada
  • Transfer from Hurghada to Cairo
  • Licensed Egyptologists tour guides
  • All service charges and local taxes

Price Excludes

  • International flights
  • Arrival visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Meals and drinks when not included
  • Any optional tour
Highlights of this Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 12 Days
  • Visiting the only ancient wonder still standing, the Great Pyramid of Khufu when you visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the giant Sphinx
  • The fabulous contents of the impressive Egyptian Museum
  • The wonderful sunny beaches of the Red Sea and its awesome underwater world in Hurghada
  • Ponder over the ancient Egyptian afterlife and underworld at the magnificent tombs of the Valley of the Kings
  • Sailing the peaceful Nile River from Aswan to Luxor on a 5-star cruise ship for three nights
  • The largest temple in the world, Karnak Temple in Luxor
  • The beautiful Temple of Philae in Aswan, the Pearl of Egypt
Egypt Solo Budget Tour With Nile Cruise In 12 Days

Day 1 Arrival in Cairo, Egypt

Touch down in Cairo, where ancient sands whisper against your feet. A warm welcome awaits at the airport, courtesy of “Egypt Best Vacations.” Skip the queues and glide through arrival formalities. Unwind in your comfortable hotel, knowing your 12-day Egyptian solo budget adventure has just begun. This solo budget odyssey promises pyramids piercing the sky, sun-kissed temples, and turquoise dreams in Hurghada. Get ready to rewrite history, one epic moment at a time.

Day 2Giza Great Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara

Your 12-day Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise, starting now. Begin your adventure by visiting the Giza Plateau today, where you will marvel at the impressive Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, as well as the iconic Great Sphinx. Get ready for an extraordinary journey as you explore the interior of Khufu’s pyramid, the only surviving wonder of the ancient world.

Today’s exploration goes beyond the structures, delving into the history of the pyramids—uncovering the meticulous construction and the purpose behind their creation. Following this, your adventure takes you to the Step Pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara, the first pyramid in history. After a day filled with discovery, transfer back to your hotel. 

Day 3Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel and Khan El-Khalili

Explore the fantastic contents of the historical Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Hundreds of objects from all periods of the Egyptian past are displayed on two floors of the museum.

From the museum to the Citadel of the Sunni Muslim leader Saladin, which was built in 1172 to protect Cairo against the Crusaders. The White Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha is a prominent feature of the Citadel. You will finish your tour today at the historical bazaar of Khan el Khalili, the largest bazaar in the Middle East.

Transfer to Giza Railway to board your sleeper train to Aswan to begin your 3-night solo Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

Day 4Aswan Tour - Nile cruise

For the next four days, the Nile transforms into your majestic chariot, carrying you past ancient wonders and vibrant landscapes. Your comfortable cruise ship becomes your haven, to witness the timeless dance of sun and sand. Each bend in the river unveils a new chapter in Egypt’s story, leaving you breathless with its grandeur.

Your adventure begins in Aswan, where our friendly guide greets you at the railway station. Dive into the city’s highlights, starting with the High Dam, a testament to human ingenuity that tamed the Nile’s might. Imagine the roar of engines and the sweat of countless laborers who sculpted this colossal marvel.

Next, step into the enchanting Temple of Philae, dedicated to the enigmatic goddess Isis. Bathed in sunlight, its walls whisper tales of magic and love, echoing through the ages. And finally, marvel at the Unfinished Obelisk, a silent giant frozen in time, its story etched in the granite veins. Proceed to your Nile cruise ship.

Optional tour: Nubian Village tour

Day 5Aswan - Kom Ombo Temple

Indulge in a leisurely morning at your own pace, or opt to join us on an optional tour to the remarkable temples of Abu Simbel.

As the clock approaches noon, your River Nile cruise ship will gracefully navigate to Kom Ombo. Upon disembarking, you will explore the fascinating twin Temple of gods Horus and Sobek. Erected over the remnants of the New Kingdom’s temple, this structure began during the reign of Ptolemy V and reached completion during the time of Emperor Tiberius. Notably, various emperors such as Domitian and Caracalla contributed to the temple’s enhancements, making it a testament to craftsmanship over approximately 400 years.

Before returning to your Nile cruise ship and sailing to Edfu, take a brief detour to the Crocodile Museum for a captivating visit. Prepare for an enchanting overnight stay in Edfu as you continue your cruise along the timeless waters of the Nile.

Day 6Edfu - Esna - Luxor

Clip-clop through time aboard a traditional horse-drawn carriage as you arrive at the magnificent Temple of Horus in Edfu. Remarkably intact, it stands as a testament to ancient artistry, its walls adorned with intricate reliefs and hieroglyphs whispering tales of gods and pharaohs. Though the Sacred Lake and obelisks are mere whispers in the past, their absence only fuels the imagination.

With the Temple of Horus’s whispers fresh in your mind, your Nile chariot sets sail towards Luxor. Upon arrival in Luxor, you will visit the impressive Karnak Temple and the majestic Luxor Temple. These temples were dedicated to Amun, Mut and Khonsu, the Theban Triad.

Day 7Luxor West Bank - Hurghada

Commence your day with disembarkation, followed by a visit to Luxor west bank wonders. Explore the awe-inspiring Valley of the Kings, the distinctive temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, and the imposing Colossi of Memnon.

After your Nile odyssey, trade ancient wonders for sun-kissed shores! Escape to Hurghada, where crystal-clear waters and golden sands await. Spend two blissful days unwinding on palm-fringed beaches, snorkeling vibrant coral reefs, or simply soaking up the laid-back Egyptian charm. Let Hurghada be your recharge stop and tropical paradise.

Optional tour: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon over Luxor

Day 8Hurghada

Tours such as diving, safari, snorkeling, glass boat, and submarine rides are available upon request.

Day 9Hurghada

Tours such as diving, safari, snorkeling, glass boat, and submarine rides are available upon request.

Day 10Hurghada

Tours such as diving, safari, snorkeling, glass boat, and submarine rides are available upon request.

Day 11Travel back to Cairo

Your 12-day Egypt solo budget adventure ends on a flexible note! If you have an afternoon flight the next day, bask in the sunshine of Hurghada for another day. But if your flight beckons early, we will whisk you directly to Cairo for a comfortable overnight stay before your journey home. Choose your perfect ending and savor every last Egyptian moment!

Day 12End of your Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise in 12 days

Wrap your Egypt solo budget tour with Nile cruise in 12 days by choosing either a transfer from Hurghada to Cairo Airport or from your Cairo hotel to Cairo Airport. As you bid farewell, it is sad to leave, so ask our guides about your next budget adventure in Egypt.