2 Day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port

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2 Days / 1 Night
Availability : Every Day
Safaga Port
Min Age : 6+
Max People : 16
Tour Details

Fabulous 2-day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port

Greetings, adventurous travelers, prepare for a thrilling 2-day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port. Unveil the enduring marvels of Luxor. Exclusive journey with our handcrafted Luxor Tour departing from Safaga Port, promising an unforgettable odyssey through the annals of ancient Egypt. Across these two days, immerse yourself in the captivating stories of Luxor’s East and West Banks, where each moment paints a vivid picture of a remarkable adventure.

Commence your 2-day tour with a dedicated day to the East Bank, where Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple stand as testament to the grandeur of bygone eras. Wander through the historic avenues, and let these architectural wonders transport you to a different epoch.

Brace yourself for the second day—a mesmerizing hot air balloon ride over the West Bank. Soar above the landscapes, witnessing the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut from an aerial vantage point, creating indelible memories etched in the sky. Following this extraordinary balloon experience, delve into the mysteries of the West Bank, visiting iconic sites that echo the tales of ancient Egyptian civilization.

This two-day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port is not just a chronological voyage. It’s a harmonious blend of experiences tailored to satisfy the intrepid adventurer within you. Join us as we unfold Luxor’s mysteries, offering you a glimpse into the extraordinary narratives engraved in the stones of this captivating destination. Allow the enchantment of Luxor to reveal itself before your very eyes!

Price from: 

385 USD per person in a twin/double room (2-16 people).

655 USD per single traveler (Traveling alone).

Price Includes

  • Port Safaga pick up and drop off
  • All transfers by air-conditioned vehicle
  • 5-star standard hotel in Luxor based on a Bed and Breakfast basis
  • Entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Thrilling sunrise hot air ride balloon over Luxor
  • Licensed Egyptologist tour guide
  • Lunch at a local restaurant per day
  • All service charges and local taxes

Price Excludes

  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Drinks and meals when not included
  • Tombs of Seti I and Tutankhamen in the Kings Valley

Children Policy

  • Children from 0 – 5 years are free of charge
  • Children from 6 – 11 years get 50% off
  • Children from 12 years are considered adults
Highlights of this 2 Day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port
  • The magnificent Valley of the Kings
  • The impressive Temple of Karnak
  • Breathtaking sunrise ballooning over Luxor
  • The majestic Luxor Temple
  • The unique Temple of Hatshepsut
2 Day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port

Day 1 Safaga Port to Luxor - Karnak & Luxor Temples

Your 2-day Luxor Tour ignites at Safaga Port, where a friendly guide whisks you away toward the legendary city of Luxor. As the desert unfolds, feel history stirring in the wind, promising tales of pharaohs and gods whispered on ancient stones.

Upon arrival, prepare to be swept away by Karnak, the grandest temple complex the world has ever seen. Towering pylons pierce the sky, each inscription an echo of millennia past. Explore the Hypostyle Hall, a forest of colossal columns bathed in sunbeams, and feel the weight of pharaohs’ footsteps on the Avenue of Sphinxes.

Luxor Temple awaits, its majestic pylons framing the river like an invitation to eternity. Imagine grand processions marching through its courts, carrying divine statues bathed in the golden light of dawn. Delve into its inner chambers, dedicated to the Theban Triad, and let the whispers of ancient rituals resonate in the sacred air.

Midday beckons with a delightful feast at a local restaurant, where you can savor the spices and textures of Luxor’s vibrant culinary scene. Then, the city is yours to explore. 

Day 2End of your 2-day Luxor Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Safaga Port

As the Nile ignites with the blush of dawn, ascend in a majestic hot air balloon, soaring over Luxor’s ancient spires. Witness the Valley of the Kings emerge from the desert’s embrace, bathed in the golden glow of sunrise. Imagine pharaohs slumbering below, their treasures guarded by time and colossal cliffs.

Return to earth, breakfast fueling your adventures, and prepare to delve into the Valley of the Kings. Walk where pharaohs once stepped, explore tombs carved into the mountainside, their secrets whispering from painted walls. Your expert guide will navigate this labyrinthine necropolis, unlocking the best three tombs open to your intrepid spirit.

Continue your journey to the audacious temple of Hatshepsut. This visionary female ruler defied tradition, reigning as Egypt’s sole pharaoh for two decades. Climb the ramparts to her temple, its terraces etched into the cliff face, and feel the echo of her power resonate in the desert air.

Stand in awe before the Colossi of Memnon, colossal stone giants gazing eternally across the sands. These silent guardians, remnants of Pharaoh Amenhotep III’s grand temple, have witnessed empires rise and fall, their stoic presence a testament to Egypt’s enduring legacy.

Savor a final lunch at a local restaurant, the flavors of Luxor dancing on your taste buds. Then, with memories overflowing like desert gold, board your transfer back to Safaga Port to conclude your 2-day Luxor tour with Hot Air Balloon.